The Group Companies with a brief Product Profiles have been listed Below:-

 Ultra Steel Engineers
After being in the trade of Steel for over three decades USE Was established in 1968 with the sole intention to manufacture steel based finished products of high quality. The company manufactures (100% exports)
  • Flexible Conduit pipes of Galvanized steel from 0.5 to 2 diameter,
  • Roofing nails (Umbrella head)
  • Drive Screws (IBR Screws)
  • Hooks: J-hooks, L-Hooks, U-Hooks.
  • Wire nails of all sizes.
  • Drum Closures for Steel barrels (210 ltr drums/barrels)
 Ultra International  
The International Trading division of Ultra group of Industries. The company specializes in Exports & imports of products for various industries:
  • Steel in Coil & Sheet Form : - Cold rolled Steel coils, Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain & Corrugated)
  • Complete bicycles & bicycle spares.
  • Hand Tools: All types of hand tools
  • Blankets (acrylic & woolen)
  • Shellac
  • Chemical oxides: red oxide, black oxide, green oxide
  • Brass components for electricals.
  • Sanitary Ware.
  • Packing Material with complete designing, Art work & printing. Flexible Packaging material of all types ( BOPP / LDPE / LLDFPE/ CPP etc.)
  • Hand Pumps, Affridevi Pumps, Pedal / Treadle Pumps for irrigation
  • Advertising & Promotional materials like Posters, Vinyl Posters, Stickers, Key Chains, Caps, T-Shirts, Banners, Gas Balloons & Complete Advertising service backup.
 Ultra Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.
This group company deals with exports of Machinery, Equipment & Takes up Projects on turnkey basis. The company is well equipped with the best of Staff with full technical know how & back up services. The various Projects the Company deals in have been listed below with a brief introduction/Catalogue/Layouts enclosed for ready reference.
  • Complete Plant & Machinery for Confectionery:
    • Biscuit / Cookies
    • Candies / Chocolates / Toffees / Lollipops
    • Bubble-gum
    • Wafer Biscuits
    • Potato Chips / Banana Chips
  • Rice mill, Dal Mill
  • Complete Plant & Machinery for Plastic Industry
    • Extruders for LDPE/ LLDPE/ HDPE/ PP etc
    • Machinery for making bags, pouches
    • Plastic Moulding Machines for Bottles / Jars /Plastic Items (Injection / Blow Moulding)
    • PP woven Sacs Complete Plant.
  • Packing machinery off various types specially designed to suit the customers needs :
    • Horizontal flow wraps For various products with different forms., shapes & sizes.
    • Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines For Liquids like Oil, Milk, Water etc as well as for Solids which may or may not be free flowing like spices, pulses, detergent powder, Small candies, Baking Powders, Sodium Bicarbonate, Yeast etc.
    • Sealing Machines : - Hand / Foot Operated Sealing Machines, Sealing Tunnels, Band Sealers
    • Biscuit Packing Machines For Biscuits on Edge as well as for Biscuits on base
    • Packing machines for Candies Pillow Pack type / Twist Wrap type.
  • Corrugated box manufacturing Plant.
  • Steel Based Plants & Machinery
    • Cut to Length Line for Cold Rolled / Galvanized Steel
    • Complete Line for Steel Corrugation to Manufacture Roofing Sheets.
    • Complete Pipe Making Plant.
    • Wire Nail Making Plant / Roofing Nail Making Plant.